Saturday, June 14, 2014

What is the difference between Chemistry and Chemical Engineering ?

Have you ever came across this question, what is the difference between Chemistry and Chemical engineering ? To put in simple words Chemistry mainly deals with the chemical aspects (like pH, electromotive force, reaction with water etc.,) of the chemicals, where as if you pick Chemical Engineering it deals mainly with physical aspects (like density, viscosity, diffusivity, boiling point etc., ). But you can find some properties commonly using in both streams.

Chemist work:

In general chemists take care of chemical reaction rates, properties of matter, research involved in the production of new chemicals. They use wide variety of equipment in laboratory to analyze the chemical behavior,composition, conductivity, pH, polarity, surface tension etc.,For example the reaction between a polar molecule and a organic compound depends on the affinity between those two chemicals. also the composition, pH of the products after the reaction will be given by the chemists.

Chemical engineer work:

Chemical engineers use the data provide by chemists to design a chemical industry. They much involve in designing the distillation columns, extractors, pressure vessels, reactors, by using the physical properties of chemicals. For example in a distillation column, temperature at the top and bottom of the column have predominant effect on the purity of chemicals.Chemical engineers used to work on simulators to solve complex problems related to process in a chemical industry.

Job profiles:

Chemists with post graduation and Ph.D have bright opportunities in the field of research. Also they can opt to work as chemists and R&D technicians with graduation.
Chemical engineers on the other hand have wide opportunities in the field of process engineering, design of chemical plants, chemical plant operation etc.,