Saturday, November 1, 2014

Excel Tutorial - 1 : Mass balance calculation using Microsoft Excel

We know that out there in this free information world, lot of soft-wares are available which ease the complexity of work. What if we can design our own mini super ninja software ( actually Excel files) to reduce our repetitive actions while calculating . Lets get started how to do simple calculations in excel.

In this tutorial neutralization of Sulphuric acid ( H2SO4 )   by Sodium hydroxide ( NaOH )was considered. Go through the problem statement given in the below image. Excel tutorial

At first mention the Chemical reaction in one of the cells (A1 or B5 etc.,). Mention the molecular weights separately in a cell. This is important to put the value in a single cell ( L6 for H2O, L7 for NaOH, L8 for H2SO4, L9 for Na2SO4) it should not contain any alphabets. If you enter alphabets in the molecular weights column it will result in error.

Now we have given the H2SO4 quantity that should be neutralized. Put this value in a separate cell (D11) and convert it in to moles by dividing the mass with molecular weight mentioned in L8 cell. Excel tutorial

Now use this moles and multiply this moles with 2 , as 1 mole of H2SO4 requires 2 moles of NaOH for Neutralization which would result in formation of 1 mole of Na2SO4 and 2 moles of H2O. Excel tutorial Excel tutorial

Multiply the moles by molecular weight in cell E17 to get the mass of NaOH required for neutralization. Excel tutorial

Similarly do it for H2O & Na2SO4 Excel tutorial

Mass used for reaction should be equal to mass produced in the reaction. Excel tutorial

Please feel free to put up your doubts and queries below.

To download the Excel file click the link

Mass Balance

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