Saturday, July 12, 2014

Top 10 books for Chemical Engineering beginners.

Whether you are a student or a engineering professional,some books will have lot of impact in your real life. Following books will give wide knowledge in the Chemical Engineering field.

1. Unit operations of Chemical engineering.

Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering By Chemineering.blogspot.comOne of the oldest books from McGraw Hill book house, Unit operations of Chemical engineering can be considered as a bible for Chemical Engineers. This book is widely using in universities as a basic text for Chemical engineering. If you want to learn basics then this book is for you.
Each section has been framed in a perfect manner for learning step by step. At the end of each chapter you can find lot of problems which will be useful for practice.

Name     - Unit operations of Chemical engineering.
Author  - Warren Lee McCabeJulian SmithPeter Harriot.

2. Introduction to Chemical engineering thermodynamics.

Introduction to chemical engineering thermodynamics by Smith, van ness, abottAnother productive book from McGraw Hill, Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics is a comprehensive book that starts from basic concepts and end up with a detail description of real gas behavior, solution thermodynamics. Generally solution thermodynamics, real gas behavior is much useful in Chemical and Process industry. Some of the equations from this book found their place in famous simulators which will give the real time values for a given temperature, pressure data. Problems at the end of each chapter will enhance your thermodynamics knowledge.

Name     - Introduction to Chemical Engineering thermodynamics.
Author  - Joseph Mauk Smith, Hendrick C. Van Ness, Michael M. Abbott 

3. Chemical Process Principles Part-1

Chemical process principles by Hougen ,watson and ragatzIn every industry, material and energy balance across a given operation is of immense value. So if you want to ace the material and energy balance this is must book. It will give a glimpse about vapor pressure,humidity, saturation, excess air problems, limiting reagent, crystallization etc.,These principles are much useful to solve mass and momentum transfer problems.

Name     - Chemical Process Principles Part - 1.
Author  - Joseph Mauk Smith, Hendrick C. Van Ness, Michael M. Abbott 

4. Mass transfer operations 

Mass transfer operations by Robert treybal
Mass transfer in general involves transfer of material from one phase to another phase.And the mass transfer operations include Absorption, Distillation, Extraction, Leaching ,Stripping etc.,These operations are explained in a precise manner in this book.Also you can find the mass transfer equipment design fundamentals. You can gain stringent experience by calculating mass transfer problems as you will encounter lot of practical problems at the end of every chapter.

Name     - Mass Transfer Operations.
Author  -  Robert E. Treybal

    5. Heat Transfer

    Heat transfer by J.P. Holman
    Heat transfer is a important operation in every industry (Chemical, Process etc.,) because if you save energy you save money. As a beginner or a engineering professional if you have this book,then you can excel in heat balance calculations, heat exchangers, heat exchanger designs. The data present in this book is of immense value in chemical industry. Every chapter has been explained with clear illustrations. Even it is useful for Mechanical engineers.

    Name   - Heat Transfer.
    Author  - J.P Holman

    6. Chemical reaction engineering

    Chemical reaction engineering by Octave levenspiel
    Chemical reaction engineering is important for determining the reactor size, reactor type, temperatures and pressures required for the reaction. Reactions kinetics plays a major role in chemical industry, particularly in fertilizer and pharma sector. In this particular book you can learn about half time, conversion rates, first order reactions,second order reactions,batch reactors, continuous stirred tank reactors (CSTR), plug flow reactors (PFR), activation energies, catalyst effect etc.,

    Name   -  Chemical reaction engineering.
    Author  -  Octave Levenspiel.

    7. Process system analysis and Control

    Process system analysis and control by Donald
    Now a days every industry is automated, automated in the sense you can monitor the chemical plant from a distributed control system in a control room. In the Process system analysis and control book the author has described how a signal (pressure, temperature, flow etc.,) can be sent to the controller and how the controller functions. This book will give a glimpse about Laplace transforms, first order systems, second order systems, open loop ,closed loop transfer functions, control systems, control valves etc., Check out the book for more!

    Name   - Process system analysis and control.
    Author  - Donald R.  Coughanowr.

    8. Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers

    Plant design and process economics for chemical engineers by Peters, TimmerhausPlant design and economics for a chemical engineers is a very good book on process economics, HAZOP, SWOT analysis, interest calculator, loan repayment, income tax deductions etc., in short it is a non technical book with equal technical importance. You can learn management basics from this book.

    Name  -  Plant design and economics for Chemical engineers.
    Authors  - Max S. Peters, Klaus D. Timmerhaus

    9. Shreve's Chemical process industries

    Shreves chemical process industries by George .T. Austin
    Knowing about Chemical process principles and operations is one part, but knowing about several prominent Chemical process is required. For this Shreve's chemical process industries is a good book. This book is a collection of several chemical process, fertilizer industries, paints oil refineries, sugar industries,ceramic industries, glass industries, etc.,It hilights the major operations involving in that particular process.

    Name   - Shreve's Chemical process industries.
    Author -  George T.Austin

    10. Transport Phenomena

    Transport Phenomena by Bird
    Some of the complex problems in chemical engineering are derived from the basic equations mentioned in the above books. This book provides insight into practical problems that occur in every chemical industry, this includes velocity distributions for newtonian and non newtonian fluids, mass tansfer , heat transfer problems etc.,After reading this book you can solve almost every problem by using the shell balance concepts.

    Name  -  Transport Phenomena.
    Authors Warren E Stewart, R. Byron Bird, and Edwin N. Lightfoot