CheMentor by Chemineering
Chemineering has taken the initiative of conducting workshops across India in Chemical engineering stream. This is mainly targeted to enlighten the budding graduates and undergraduates. While pursuing Chemical engineering in the college, lot of people might have faced confusion in choosing their suitable career. CheMentor will help you to get out of this dilemma. We have consolidated the learning experience of several students from their colleges. What we found was extremely unpleasant. Students in some colleges even don't know what they were studying and what they are going to apply in Industries. So in order to educate them we have taken a initiative under the name CheMentor. What we offer in the workshop/seminar  has listed below.

The workshop title is " Way forward to Chemical and Process Engineering".

CheMentor workshop by Chemineering

The workshop span is one day and is divided into two sessions. Session 1 may lasts for one hour thirty minutes and Session 2 for two to three hours based on student interaction.

  • Session :1 
    • Chemical Engineering as a career
    • In this session we will tell you the job prospectus for Chemical Engineers, Further studies, Internships, In plant training, how to choose a field that best suits for your goal,Salary trend in various fields, Resume guidelines etc., 
  • Session :2
    • Chemical Engineering - Skills required 
    • This session mainly focus on the design aspect of chemical engineering. Though it is useful for research students also. Here we will make you familiar with the Process Engineering drawings like BFD, PFD, P&ID, Layout and Isometrics.Other aspect of this session is design of chemical and process equipment like pump, heat exchanger, safety valve, compressor, agitator,how to give specification sheets for equipment. 
    • Also we will explain how to work in Microsoft excel for process calculations. The most interesting aspect of this session is Excel macro coding and introduction to simulation software like Aspen Plus and Aspen Hysys which are most sought in many companies.

    We have conducted the first phase of CheMentor workshop in Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, Andhrapradesh. We are overwhelmed by their response. Feedback of the workshop has shown in the adjacent figure.
    Feed back of CheMentor by Chemineering