Chemical engineering simulators come handy to solve complex problems in educational and engineering fields. With the help of these simulators we can

Chemical engineering simulator
  • Solve complex material and energy balances.
  • Fix the ideal conditions for a process.
  • Calculate the number of stages required for a process.
  • Have valuable chemical databases.
  • Have a process in single flow sheet.

List of chemical process simulators

This is a list of software used to simulate the material and energy balances of chemical processing plants.
·         APMonitor Modeling Language
·         ASCEND
·         Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, Aspen Custom Modeler by Aspen Technology
·         ASSETT, D-SPICE and K-Spice by Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies AS
·         CADSIM Plus by Aurel Systems Inc.
·         CHEMCAD by Chemstations
·         Cycle-Tempo by Asimptote
·         COCO simulator
·         COMSOL Multiphysics
·         Design II for Windows by WinSim Inc.
·         Distillation Expert Trainer
·         DWSIM (open-source)
·         DynoChem by Scale-up Systems Ltd.
·         EcosimPro
·         EMSO, the Environment for Modelling, Simulation and Optimisation from the ALSOC Project
·         Dymola
·         Flowtran Simulation by Monsanto (1961)
·         GIBBSim
·         gPROMS by PSE Ltd
·         HSC Sim by Outotec
·         INDISS by RSI
·         ICAS: Integrated Computer Aided System developed by CAPEC
·         IDEAS by Andritz Automation
·         iiSE Simulator by VRTech
·         LIBPF, the C++ LIBrary for Process Flowsheeting
·         MiMic by MYNAH Technologies
·         Mobatec Modeller by Mobatec
·         OLGA by SPT Group (Scandpower)
·         Omegaland by Yokogawa
·         OpenModelica
·         PIPE-FLO Professional by Engineered Software, Inc.
·         Prode Sim
·         ProSimulator by Sim Infosystems
·         ProSimPlus by ProSim
·         Petro-SIM by KBC Advanced Technologies
·         Pro-Steam by KBC Advanced Technologies
·         ProMax, TSWEET, and PROSIM by Bryan Research and Engineering
·         PRO/II, DYNSIM & ROMeo (process optimizer)
·         RecoVR by VRTech
·         Simulis by ProSim
·         SimCreate by TSC Simulation
·         SPEEDUP by Roger W.H. Sargent and students
·         SolidSim - flowsheet simulation of solids processes by SolidSim Engineering GmbH
·         SuperPro Designer by Intelligen
·         SysCAD
·         System7 by Epcon International
·         UniSim Design & Shadow Plant by Honeywell
·         Usim Pac by Caspeo
·         VMGSim by Virtual Materials Group
·         Wolfram SystemModeler by Wolfram Research