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Top five courses for entry level Process Engineers

Process Engineering is  much complex discipline in  the field of Chemical Engineering. This field will challenge you like anything. While operating the process plant you may encounter with plethora of problems that need immediate attention, without which the result won't be pleasing.

As a young engineer coming straight out of college you will have the enthusiasm and energy to prove your self in the process filed. This kind of attitude is good but you are bound to do several mistakes in this period. Without knowing where to start and what to learn in the industry is the biggest dilemma that many of us are facing now a days. In order to proceed in this process field you should equip yourself with some special skills. These skills can be learn through several courses that are available to all now a days.
Here are the top 5 courses for entry level process engineers that are helpful for career progression.

1. Process Simulation Software Course


Process  simulation software like Aspen Hysys, CHEMCAD,PRO II, HTRI etc., are very helpful in solving real time problems in process industry. With the help of these simulation software you can do
  • Optimization of a given process
  • Equipment sizing
  • Cost estimation
  • Process modelling
  • Estimation of mixture properties at various given conditions like P,V,T etc.,

    Image Source : Google/AspenTech
    The advantage of these  simulation software is,  they will calculate the real values rather than ideal values by using various property methods. Process Engineers who are familiar with this kind of simulation software will have edge in the interviews conducted for experienced process engineer jobs.
    Here are some of the institutes that are offering Process Simulation software course in India.


     2. Health, Safety and Environment Course


    Now a days Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) courses are available everywhere (Online/Offline) to learn. These HSE courses will boost your career in Chemical Process Industry. The main objective of these courses will be providing various methods and techniques to run the process industry cleaner and safer. At the same time this course will educate the participants to identify and manage any sort of problem that occurred during the operation. Here you will be exposed to lot of case studies, after all learning from failures is the best learning. Don't forget to get a certificate if you want to pursue these courses.
    Here are some HSE course qualifications that are available to learn

    In India you can find HSE courses at


    3. Process Engineering Course 


    Chemical Engineering will give you a glimpse of what is what and whats happening in a process industry. But the real challenge is designing a process industry itself. It involves sizing of various equipment like vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, absorbers, distillation columns, piping, pumps etc., Designing of relief valves, knock out vessels, decanters, two phase line sizing, project organization and various types of diagrams like PFD, P&ID is not common thing and we don't learn those things in our college life. So in order to be a complete process design engineer its better to pursue this course. Following are some of the institutes that are offering process engineering course in India.
    Some of the institutes offer placement assistance after successful completion of the course. Please do some research before enrolling in a particular institute.


    4. Microsoft Excel for Engineers Course


    Microsoft Excel is a not just a application to fill some tabular columns and generating some charts based on the data, in real process world it is more than that. In a process industry you will deal with many kind of reports like Daily production report, Steam balance report, Management Information System (MIS) report, downtime report, vendor evaluation etc., Also you will encounter with various calculations which are to be done quickly yet repeatedly. This can be better handled in Microsoft Excel. In Microsoft Excel you can do the complex calculations by using various mathematical, accounting functions. Also if you master Macros in excel you can literally do anything in Excel if you give sufficient data to Excel for processing. You can learn this course either online or offline. here are some of the best resources which I came across the internet for learning Microsoft Excel.
      Lot of resources are available for learning Microsoft Excel in online mode, this will save your time and help in easy access of the content.

      5. Part Time Business Management Course


      Don't get me wrong, this course is especially for those who are not willing to do full time management degree because of so many reasons. Trust me Process engineers with a management degree are hot cakes in job market and they have higher chances of elevation in career. Those who don't have sufficient time to engage in a full time course should opt for a part time or distance course, as this course will make you a key person from process as well as corporate side in a company. You can even do an executive MBA course after attaining sufficient experience in your job, the duration of this course is generally one year. Following links will provide you the information of some institutes that are offering part time courses in business management.
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